Our Story

 "The human condition of suffering from a variety of physical disorders is universal.   The visually impaired  living in Ethiopia face an entirely different set of obstacles as most facilities in the country are not equipped to accommodate. Educational facilities are minimally supplied. Unfortunately, what often results is students stop attending classes and turn to begging on the streets to survive."  Aschalew Chupa

Our mission with the Ligaba Beyene Elementary School is to give these students the opportunity to thrive despite their physical limitations.  Your help makes their success possible. Our program allows these students to flourish and permits an opportunity for a different destiny. Educating them in Braille is one of the key mechanisms we use.  

We sponsor 40+ students by providing Braille supplies, uniforms and other necessary school supplies.  This allows them to flourish to their fullest potential. 

Our newest project includes supplying weekly showers and hygiene supplies.  We anticipate this addition will improve morale and add additional self respect- both necessary for the bright futures we plan for these maturing people. 

Thank you for your help!