The Ms. Independent program will empower our girls to be independent women in  any life course they choose.  

In 2020 we will be focusing our attention to teaching groups of young women the skills of entrepreneurship, self-confidence, sexual assault prevention and the skills necessary to  obtain and maintain careers. 

How does a woman apply for a job in the Ethiopian cultural setting and obtain a living wage.  How does one write and build a resume?  How does a young woman interview for her first job or have the agency to ask for a promotion?  How does one balance family and work?  What about our  female bodies- how do we, as women, understand our bodies and take care of this valuable asset?  How do we maintain proper nutrition, choose and use birth control, and maintain effective hygiene on a shoe-string budget?  These, and so many other topics will be examined in our new program, launching in 2020.  

Direct beneficiaries: Young girls between the age of 13 to 23 are the direct beneficiaries for this project. 
Indirect beneficiaries: By helping a woman, we help the family, the city and the nation!