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We are 501(c)3 charitable non-profit helping African students receive funding and accessibility to education, healthcare, housing and nutrition as a means to create personal autonomy.  


Aschalew and Dibora

Aschalew and Dibora

Aschalew and Dibora


Aschalew manages our project at the LIgaba Bayene Primary School  and those that have proceeded to high school by supporting these students with natural supports and mentorship . Aschalew just announced that he is getting married November 28!  A big congratulations! We are so happy for him.  Aschalew writes-My current project with Making the Grade is supporting visually impaired students in Ligaba Beyene primary school that are from a poor families.  Making the Grade has helped me by paying my undergraduate cost charing payment so I could attend graduate school where I received my Master’s Degree in Aquatic Engineering.  They also clothed me and encouraged me to move forward in my life. I have accomplished things in my area by participating in designing offices, meeting halls, culvert and road design from pre-planning to completion of these projects.   I am now working as a custodian at the Ligaba Beyene primary school in Soddo, Wolaita and as a volunteer for Making the Grade.  

The future

Aschalew and Dibora

Aschalew and Dibora


 My hope for the future is that we can develop strong communities who can understand the need for sustainable support for visually impaired students. The students at my school are from rural areas and have nobody who honestly cares about them. They are not attending class regularly and go to street to beg.  My hope is that we can minimize students from going to streets.

Congratulations to Aschalew and  Dibora on their new son, Nathan Aschalew!  We are glad to say that the entire family is doing well.  

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