Ethiopia's government sends letter thanking mTG


[translation] The Ethiopian government thanks MTG for our work in Lalibela.
The date is recorded in Ethiopian calendar years and translates to
the year 2015 in the Western calendar.
This award thanks MTG for your kind work towards children in making their lives better through
education, food, clothing and housing.

shum shiha school and library opens


MTG partnered with MCN BUILD to build the Shum Shiha school and library in Lalibela Ethiopia. Whereas MTG had a very small role, we are thrilled that the representatives of MCN Build put their time and energy into nearing completion of this project. MTG was able to provide computers for this school as well as  financial support. We are very excited to announce that the building is almost completed thanks to the hard work of MCN Build and a fantastic team of local construction workers. ((update:  Building was completed in 2016)

the beauty of teamwork in one smile



Everyone loves a success story; This one begins with a chance meeting, involves life-saving surgery, and ends with a wedding. No,  it’s not the plot to a movie — it’s the real story of what can happen when organizations work together to help people in need.

In Ethiopia, Hanan was a 13-year old orphan with a fatal heart condition.  Surgery could save her, but money for travel and surgery was well beyond  anything she or her family could muster.  Over seven thousand miles away, Shelly Dollar was gathering supplies to ship to Ethiopia to support Making the Grade’s student houses. There she happened to meet Hirwet a Goodwill tralier, who told her about her cousin Hanan.

Making the  Grade reached out to Dr. Rick Hodes, and together with the JDC Hanan’s story ends with a smiles all around, including her own.

But  what about the wedding that ends the story? In a true example of  “coming full circle”, Hirwet — the woman Shelly met gathering supplies  to send to Ethiopia — is getting married this  (2014) December, in Ethiopia. And  is bringing supplies for Making the Grade with her.