Making the Grade Students & Organization in the News 

"New life for African girl after rare brain surgery in Atlanta"


See more about Dorothy's journey by clicking here.

                                          -Atlanta Journal  

                                                   Constitution, 2016

"Cardiologist With A Big Heart: The Allen and Shelly Dollar Saga"

Allen & Shelly Dollar adopt parents.  Adopt African Children.  International adoption.  Cardiologist

                                                -Baylor University Medical   

                                                         Center Proceedings, 2017

"'Making the Grade": Allen Dollar Cares For Children Abroad And At Home"

International health care, global health, Dr Allen Dollar, cardiology, basic global care

                                                           -Emory Daily Pulse, 


"Addis Ababa To Atlanta: GSU Student's Journey Leads to Serving Others"

Goergia State, Addis Ababa, Community Service. Rick Hodes

                                                           -Georgia State University 

                                                        Magazine, 2010

Ethiopian Government Sends Letter Thanking Making The Grade

Ethiopia government thank you letter.  Aid to Africa.  Supporting Kids.  Hope For African Youth