Helping one family doesn’t seem like such a big contribution to food insecurity- but In Ethiopia, even in healthy times, the majority of the people don’t have the luxury of eating three meals a day, let alone feed someone else. The COVID-19 outbreak has made the simple things in life more difficult to achieve-even something as basic as having a hot plate of food. 

The prime minister of Ethiopia, Dr. Abiy Ahmed and his wife first Lady Zinash Tayachew, launched a national challenge, “Each One, Feed One”. The purpose of this project is to help the most vulnerable people in Ethiopia. The challenge is to provide a month’s worth of food from one family to another- someone with adequate resources to a family with limited resources. 

Making the Grade: Hope for African Youth has taken on this challenge! Our first recipient is a single mother, Worqnesh and her 13-year-old son, Kirubel.  Kirubel is visually impaired student that depends on his mother to keep him safe and live as typical a life as possible in an environment that is not safe for people with disabilities.  Their family suffers without the finances to purchase food and cleaning supplies as Worqnesh is unemployed and spends most of her time attending to Kirubel’s needs.  Making the Grade purchased a full month’s supply of food and cleaning supplies and delivered them to the family. 

We were able to supply all these supplies for a mere 35 dollars. Just 35 dollars will supply an emergency allotment of food and hygiene supplies for one full month for a family of four. 

Worqnesh’s story is the story of the majority of the people. There are so many people that are in need of help right now. During this crisis, a small contribution will sustain a family. It is at times like this that the help we extend becomes tremendous value. 

Help us, help them!

“We are worth what we are willing to share with others.” 

-Sir Moses Montefiore

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100% of money collected for this project will be used to fight food insecurity during COVID in Ethiopia.